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13th Animanie International Festival of Animated Films, an international competition of films made by children, youth and students in Pilsen.

The theme of festival will be the NUMBER EIGHT.

It is not only the ending number of this year, but also the number at the end of many important and breaking years of czech history. We would like to dedicate this year to them. The old analogue movies were taken to an 8mm film strip. And last but not least, there is also a mysterious horizontal eight.


As usual, there will be three age categories: MINI (up to 13y), MIDI (14 – 18y) and MAXI (19 – 26y).

Winning films here! Winning films of festival Animánie

Everything is in progress right now!

Are you an author of any film accepted for the competition and are you planning to join the festival? Book your accommodation via voracek@animanie.cz.


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List of the films accepted for the competition 2018 

Propositions for the competition:


Technical requirements of the film copies submitted for the competition:


Invitation for the festival 2018: